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What could be more uniquely human than all the silly things we get up to in the name of fashion and art? With Saturn finally moving forward again this week, even the most outlandish endeavours can be worked into a foundation for success. No wonder you feel pulled in different directions. Yet, as Saturn changes direction this week, it grants you the ability to create a balance. Aries Daily Prediction. Taurus Apr 21 - May 20 When we have too many options available we often tend to become embedded in what we know. Having lots of choices and alternatives open to us makes us feel overwhelmed; so we hold on tightly to the familiar.

Keep an open mind this week. As Saturn turns direct it will open your mind to valuable new potential.

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Taurus Daily Prediction. Gemini May 21 - Jun 21 Few people have any real idea about the amount of effort you invest in what you do. You value perfection, and strive for it, even if it means exerting more effort than anyone realises. Carry on being determined and diligent… surprising success lies ahead. Gemini Daily Prediction. Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 22 Roll up, roll up! Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Two problems for the price of one! Cancerians are in the process of letting go of a lot of their issues and troubles!

Grab one before they change their minds and decide to hold on to them. Don't be afraid to allow change into your life. This week, you really can be free of something you don't want or need.

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Be brave! Cancer Daily Prediction.

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Leo Jul 23 - Aug 23 Are those people who just 'go with the flow', who just take life as it comes, to be admired or deplored? It depends on what they're prepared to accept. Some issues need to be challenged; being uncooperative and difficult can slow processes down and ensure that better results are achieved.

Although you're feeling relaxed about most things in your life, there is an issue that you need to fight for. Even if tension is a by-product, Saturn's change of direction is a guarantee that it will be worthwhile. Leo Daily Prediction. Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23 Hi, how are you doing?

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Such are the pleasantries we exchange as we go about our lives. Virgo Daily Prediction. The idea of being able to be in two places at once is appealing because it enables us to gain power over situations. You just have to be creative in summoning it. Cancer Daily Prediction. Leo Jul 23 - Aug 23 Victory comes with a price…it involves someone else suffering the pain of defeat.

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You can help find creative ways around potential disputes, so that everyone has the peaceful Christmas they desire. In your love life: Romance is not the same as economics. Be generous with what you have, and you can accrue the love you desire this week. Leo Daily Prediction. Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23 If we want to learn how to act, there are plenty of drama schools to go to.

Our lives are full of chances to create emotional maelstroms of anxiety, passion and fear. Oh, and Christmas is the very best time for that.

follow site Luckily, this month, as Jupiter moves into a new home, it brings an ability to understand challenging situations and people , so that you respond rather than react. Make this a season of mellow dramas instead. Everyone will benefit. In your love life: Past experiences have made you what you are. It drives you towards a beautiful future this week. Virgo Daily Prediction. Is there a lesson you need to learn? Have you overlooked a vital clue that you must find in order to succeed? The similarities with a past era of your life are superficial. As Jupiter changes signs, it brings the courage to return to a matter that needs to be dealt with, and the enthusiasm to rise to the challenge gloriously.

An inner glow of confidence is the cosmic gift on offer to you this December. In your love life: Jupiter moves into a new home. Libra Daily Prediction. It brings the insight to make decisions about where to focus your enthusiasm so that the right people benefit and that includes you! It IS your turn to get what you want.

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Scorpio Daily Prediction. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 With perfect timing, as we enter the festive season, your ruler, Jupiter, leaves your sign and enters Capricorn. This heralds a significant change of focus, and the beginning of a new era for you. It offers a chance for you to renegotiate a vitally important aspect of a plan, and make an insightful adjustment that will bring a welcome sense of equilibrium into your life. In your love life: As Jupiter moves into a new home, you have a rare chance to learn something valuable about yourself. Sagittarius Daily Prediction. Capricon Dec 22 - Jan 21 Do we arrive in this world with long lists of tasks we need to do?

Stress is something we seem to grow into. Yet, in December, as Jupiter enters your sign, it brings you the ability to see life from a less serious perspective. Give your inner child the space to grow — and the festive season holds the potential to be full of very good cheer. In your love life: Wow! Jupiter is in your sign.