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You will never be famous or wealthy, but will be popular and financially secure. You are content with a peaceful life and will never yearn for riches or luxuries.

Monkey Compatibility, Best Love Match and Relationship Compatibility for the Monkey Zodiac Sign

Your lack of confidence causes romantic problems, but you will make a loyal and honest partner. You hesitate in making decisions because you are afraid that you will lose your lover. A man born in the year of the Dog is kind, determined and popular. Even when you fall in love you have difficulty expressing your emotions. Your partner will have to be patient and encouraging. A woman born in this year is honest, liberal and sensitive. You have an attractive, gentle and winning character.

You will be fortunate if you marry early. You are suited to marriage or partnership with someone born in the year of the Tiger. People born in the years of the Tiger and the Dog are usually attracted at first sight. You are also suited to a partnership with someone born in the year of the Rabbit; the Rabbit amenable and loyal character would suit your loyal nature. Tiger, Horse and Rabbit people are called a Three Harmony since a marriage between them would be long, happy and prosperous. Avoid a marriage or business partnership with someone born in the year of the Dragon, the Ram, the Ox or the Cock.

Your partnership would result in disasters, financial loss and misfortune. A marriage with someone born in the year of the Rat, the Snake, the Monkey or the Dog would be comfortable and peaceful as long as you established a mutual respect. You are suited to a career as a politician, philosopher, educationalist, entrepreneur, clergyman, doctor, judge, policeman, actor, writer or secret agent.

You are kind and honest. You are always ready to help others because you want to be popular. You are always lucky because people trust you. Your hard work will reap rewards. You usually invest wisely. You are suited to any kind of work. Before you accept a job make sure that you can fulfill the responsibilities it entails. You are well liked and have an active social life.

You will be helped by your friends when you are in trouble. You will have a very busy and prosperous business life. You have difficulty creating romantic situations. You approach your relationships honestly, but you are overemotional and sensitive. Your parents love you very much, but you will be away from them for long periods of time. Brothers and sisters. Your many brothers and sisters do not offer you much support. You love your children deeply and work hard to support them. You have few assets. Do not try to accumulate many because you will only lose them. You enjoy travel and all your journeys will be fortunate.

You have good health, a strong physique and will live a long time.

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Do not expect to earn money quickly. Work steadily and gradually if you want to make a substantial profit. You are very good at scientific work but avoid work that involves studying.

You will never earn much money from speculation. You will lose a lot of money if you take risks. Most of your hopes will be realized, but do not be too greedy. You are likely to win law suits, but it is better to avoid them if you can. You will always find lost property and regain contact with lost friends or relatives. According to Chinese Astrology, you are good at arguments but often speak without sufficient forethought. Chinese Astrology sign , although you enjoy a busy life, you have a reflective nature. Chinese Astrology also predict that your talent will bring you fame, wealth and power.

Chinese Astrology predict that, you will have a lucky, fortunate life. Though occasional rifts and misunderstandings cannot be ruled out, better understanding would be much needed. The single ones would be able to locate ideal love in their friendships this year. Lift up your self-esteem and socialize, in this way you would be able to identify loyal and faithful love if you are searching for one.

Do not act your way out obsessively, stay as you are. This year of the Pig would be a healthy period for Dragon folks. All through the year, peace and tranquil would prevail around, which would pave way for a healthy you both physically and mentally. However some Dragon natives are likely to meet with accidents in travel, hence be cautious. Medical intervention should be sought after if minor ailments bother you. Avoid stress and strain from life and practice some spiritual pursuits to stay fit for the year ahead.

People born under the sign of snake are dynamic, aggressive and very adaptable in nature. They are wise philosophers and have an element of stealth about their personality.


The Snake, quite simply, leads a charmed life! Diplomatic and popular, the serpentine ones are lucky with money and will generally have more than they need. Even if money isn't their greatest pursuit, they will always have more than enough to survive. The charming and generous qualities ascribed to Snakes will allow them to attract many potential mates. No snake eyes here! Quite the opposite, since the seductive Snake has many fans. It's that they're so darned irresistible - slightly dangerous and disarmingly smart.

They're also one of the more philosophical signs. That dreamlike quality means that logic doesn't always weigh into their thought process, preferring as they do to use feelings and instinct when making decisions.

Snakes give little credence to the opinions of others, relying instead on their own gut and intuition. Despite their natural physical ability and lively personalities, Snakes have a tendency to be insecure, something which can manifest itself as jealousy and possessiveness.

This behavior often ends up alienating the ones they love, when a bit of vulnerability would have yielded better results. Snakes can be tight with a buck, yet they'll find a way to come through for friends and family, if only to secure their love. The slippery Snake is also prone to exaggeration, however these tall tales are told for the sake of comfort level, especially in social situations.

Snakes simply cannot bear to be the odd man out, and will fight to the bitter end to win back those who have abandoned them. Snakes can be so unsure of themselves that perceived slights are capable of escalating into full-on range wars! Further, they'll do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. Slithery as they are, they can work both sides of the fence showboat or shrinking violet with aplomb.

Snakes also detest those with no follow-through or an inability to get things done. They know how to get on with the program themselves and want the same from others. An important lesson for Snakes is humility, along with a sense of self.

That tendency to exaggerate, along with a need to do it all, can get pretty old. Once Snakes realize that confidence comes from within, they'll finally be comfortable in their own skin. The most compatible match for a snake is the rooster or ox. The year of the Pig would be a period of peace and tranquil for Snake individuals.

Chinese Zodiac Dog Compatibility

Your social life would be at its peak. Natives would have ample time and resources to pursue their passion and not succumbing to the burdens and rigors of personal and professional issues through the year. Some of your long-felt desires and wishes would be fulfilled as the year progresses on a positive note. Career would keep the Snake natives on their toes all through the year of the Pig.