Weekly horoscope for march 3 2020

Similar to Venus in Capricorn, we are committed to our relationships.

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Venus is also the planet of money, and with Venus in future-thinking, Saturn-ruled Aquarius, we can start putting our spare change in a savings account. Pay attention to the conversations, commutes, and—because Mercury is in an intuitive water sign—emotional impressions, that are before you right now. They are especially strong on Sunday, March 3, as Mercury reaches the degree at which it will station retrograde as the messenger planet begins to slow down and create confusion.

From February 19 to March 5, Mercury will travel over this path for the first of three times. The second time will be during Mercury retrograde from March 5 to March Your third and last chance to tighten up loose ends will be from March 28 through April A meeting of the minds is in order midweek. A conversation with a friend helps guide you and direct your attention to the things you should be researching on or near Wednesday evening, as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars. You will certainly need it; the details are starting to get extra hazy with Mercury slowing down in your sign.

A community-funded project sees a surprise shift on or near Friday morning as money planet Venus squares off with planet of the unexpected, Uranus. Clothes, art supplies, and things to make you feel good about yourself, are all easy to impulse buy.

Money & Career Horoscope

A much needed pep talk with a friend on or near Wednesday evening will have you feeling empowered as you both devise efficient and dignified ways to direct your income. A surprising career shift comes on or near Friday as love and money planet Venus squares off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Get creative with collaborative ideas on or around Wednesday evening as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars, which is in your sign until March Brainstorms are imaginative, and you, Taurus, currently have the willpower to see the biggest ideas into existence.

Your planetary ruler Venus squares off with rebellious Uranus on Friday morning, creating a compulsive, intellectual shift in your philosophy.


Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 2020 – When Mercury is in retrograde ?

Shortly after on Friday afternoon, Venus will enter intellectual Aquarius, in your career sector, making you appealing to your bosses. Lean into your quirks and reclaim them as leadership qualities. This can impress eccentric millionaires and offbeat startup owners. Responsibilities waver through mid-April. As the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars, a conversation with a boss on or near Wednesday keeps you up at night as you think about ways to do and be everything.

Surprise paychecks and connections occur on or near Friday morning, as love and money planet Venus squares off with rebellious Uranus. Sharing your beliefs online inspires a new course of action on or around Wednesday evening, as the sun in spiritual Pisces gently harmonizes with action planet Mars. Until March 31, you will be driven to be more active in your community—online and off—as Mars transits through headstrong Taurus.

This weekend creates shifts in your relationships, as sweet Venus makes its final adjustments before leaving your partnership sector for Aquarius.

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The first adjustment is inspired by an unexpected conflict between work and friendship, as Uranus, the planet of surprises, squares off with Venus. With the love and beauty planet in Aquarius, you will be intuitively processing intimacy issues. Call upon owed favors on or around Wednesday night as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars in gentle Taurus. With the warrior planet in your house of reputation through March 31, you boldly command respect. As the sun connects with Mars, tap into this subtle machismo.

Weekly Horoscope: February 25 - March 3 - VICE

As the week comes to a close, love and money planet Venus pushes you through final beauty regiments and work tasks as you prepare for the sweet planet to enter your house of partnerships. With Venus in Aquarius from March 1 through March 26, you will be more attracted to relationships, as you look for lovers and friends who stand out in a crowd. Pisces season has you thinking about your relationships. This talk helps you move forward as you discuss what your ideal relationship looks like. As the weekend draws near, a surprise encounter with your crush rocks your world as sweet Venus squares off with rebellious Uranus on Friday morning.

They gladly intercede for others, taking on the role of a mediator. Their artistic taste, sense of harmony and good business skills also deserve a mention.

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But they are especially talented for any work that requires high mechanical skill and thorough attention to detail. Their inherent special abilities make them able to uncover the truth hidden under any kind of shroud. Thus, their intuition makes them a good possible detective or investigating judge. With all that in mind, their nature is emotional and strongly attached to life, with love and strong passions filling their life. They let their feelings guide the ir life more often than logic. In marriage, they will be met with love and harmony.

Their life is most often connected to another life, happiness in family and marriage gives them full satisfaction.

This week may start quiet—but we're on the brink of something big!

A woman born on this day often enters two marriages or goes through longer relationships. Such a person is careless, and when they ponder over their own matters — they interrupt others with unneeded remarks. That might even make them look rude. The most important of their flaws in their inner restlessness they often fall victim to and which might lead to a sudden and insurmountable stubbornness. Moreover, they often do not realize the material life conditions enough. It also happens that the get enthusiastic about someone — but no good will come of it, for them or their crush.