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Aries Man & Cancer Woman Love ♥️Compatibility

Sharing ideas for the future and making goals is an everyday part of life for us. Everything from building our own home in the future, to opening or own business, to where we want to retire when we get old. I never question his love or loyalty.

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I feel it in every fiber of my being and I hope that he feels the same. Well Cancer woman wish you were my woman. I deffinately know how to show my emotional affection. Look at that a little more in that way a rational way. She was the worst for me emotionally. At least they are willing to listen and change their ways to try to understand you. What I read its so true, I am involve with cancer man and I am cancer what I find very strange I always fall in love with cancer man are there any possibities that cancer attract other cancer if that so its owesome neh.

I m a cancer lady…had met a cancer man, felt so comfortable as colleagues n each time got impressed by him…. I was feeling the exact same as you do and going through the exact same cycles with my ex-leo-man for 2 years. Everything after the first year seemed to go gradually downhill but I loved him and knew he loved me…. I too felt as though I was being selfish or wanting too much but finally realized that I wasnt asking for much we had a very comfortable lifestyle material-wise but his affections and to be treated t as a priority…to be heard and comforted instead of feeling ignored and left behind.

Over and over again this happened. On that note, the dating world is tough…I want more than anything to be settled but I am personally not willing to settle for a life like my ex-leo and I had. Just too stressful. Hope things are better by you and that maybe some of this helped… at least in not feeling as though you are the only one feeling this way. I wonder! My cancer man and I enjoy eachothers conpany and thoughts.

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But we always make up afterwards. Our connection and attraction was imminent since we firsr became friends , now we cant stand to be away from eachother.

The Cancer Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

We both have our crazy mood swings , with extreme tempers , but he knows how to get me calm and keep me that way. This is true! But sometimes, the cancer man can be selfish. Only thinking of himself. Cancer-cancer relationship can work if both people are ready to love each other regardless and willing to forgive any wrong doing.

Hey, I am a cancer women married to a sagittarius man. I love him dearly and have about 99 pecent of what any women would want. Home car etc, but I am often left to be lonly and blue. There is no spark in our relationship, no passion. I cry and get really mad. We do the same dance as always and then we get over it and begain a gain. I would prefer to spend time with him. He is a kind and good man I love him very much. I too was married to Sag and he was everything any women would want as far as being a provider and being faithful.

However, he was not affectionate at all!!!!!

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I am a Cancer woman with a Cancer man…. Same birthday even for going on 17 years. We had a baby girl, 15 years ago today as a matter a fact. She is amazing and has a good heart. My Cancer man is very manly and also loyal.

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Being loyal is simply rare to find. I personally think relationships is the hardest hurdle in life and keeping it together is even harder. I just want to say that no matter what their is pros and cons in every relationship. Their is not one that will be perfect period. No one is perfect. But if you are lucky to come across one that happens to be special or different from the rest, then be thankful cause you are blessed to be able to have that expieriance that some never get.

And try to give it your all. I honestly would love a cancer man to be as you described. That does not mean all cancer men are like this I have met some good ones but, seeing how I am a cancer myself I know how difficult they are. Either way I love all the zodiacs. We even share the same birthday. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility, Love and Friendship

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June October 4th, Telly July 12th, Telly pruitt July 25th, Desiree May 30th, Julie September 17th, Loo October 26th, Ek is verlief op n cancer man en ek is n cancer girl…ons het al 3 jaar wat ons saam tyd spandeer en ek het lief vur hom geword… hy is als wat ek wil he… maar hy is getroud Like 0. Nikki October 12th, We are taking it slow but it sure feels good;D Like 0.

Cancer Compatibility

Seveneleven September 11th, Vizo July 9th, This is something that the Cancer woman may have a problem with. The Cancer woman needs closeness. They are most confident when they constantly in contact with their partners. This gives them the opportunity to play their nurturing and caring roles to the full. The Cancer woman relates financial security to emotional security.

For her, these two are intertwined. Without money, she feels emotionally exposed and naked.

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Granted, this man does work hard. He works hard in order to prove his level of skill and prowess.