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Escorpio es el signo que representa la muerte entendida como cambios y el sexo. Es un signo emotivo, sensible, sentimental, apasionado, radical. Eres del signo o Ascendente Escorpio?

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Naciste con Venus y Mercurio en Escorpio? I'm NOT one of those dudes that hates being around people, and only has like 4 Freinds, those people aren't right in the head. Nobody likes them. Guys there here!!!

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A hobby each sign should try! Mine is probably art! Which album are you? I bet you will love the lionwhisperersa chanel. Both signs can be very romantic and tend to idealize love — when both people have their heads in the clouds, it becomes difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

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These signs are great in a romantic movie or book but it's the happily ever after that they have difficulty sustaining. As far as romance goes, they're perfect for a summer fling but anything long-term will take work. Here's a power-couple made for the ages. People look to them as their leaders and role models. If they have to fudge it a little to avoid hurting someone's feelings or to make themselves look better, so be it.

Scorpio can get jealous and may not understand that Leo's intent behind flirting isn't to seduce someone but to draw them into their orbit. These two signs tend to be dominant in their relationships which could make things complicated when they try to out-dominate the other one. Sagittarius are fiercely independent which may not go so well with Libra who hates to be alone.

Leo Love Chart

Sagittarius can be rather straight-forward and don't have the diplomatic skills of Libra. Libras are too indecisive and Sagittarius too flakey for a relationship between them to last. Capricorn and Cancer share many things — both treasure their friends and family, both need a comfortable place that they can call home, and both are reliable.

Capricorn is less emotional than Cancer but is always ready with a strong shoulder to help support Cancer through any emotional turmoil they may be going through. Cancers can be emotionally needy which Capricorn doesn't mind if it's not required of them to be as open with their emotions as Cancer is. As long as the two can form a give and take partnership, a relationship though not without its challenges is doable. Here are two signs who love to travel, meet new people and who don't need a traveling companion to have a good time.

They both appreciate their own independent natures and their partner's. It's as if these two start off together but, at some point, veer off in completely different directions, only to end up in two different places. Pisces tend to be secretive and at times a bit sneaky which may not go over so well with Capricorn. Pisces are more easily influenced than Capricorn, so for things to work, Capricorn must not use that against the Pisces. Pisces will always give someone the benefit of the doubt, whereas Capricorn needs evidence that change has occurred. Pisces are much more trusting than Capricorn and have an entirely different way of looking at life and the world, which could complicate any relationship, let alone one between a Pisces and a Capricorn.

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