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Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Mercury Retrograde: July 8, 10 degrees Cancer. Mercury Direct: August 1, 29 degrees Gemini. Mercury Retrograde: November 1, 3 degrees Scorpio. Mercury Direct: November 21, 17 degrees Libra. Jupiter Retrograde: April 11, 0 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter Direct: August 12, 20 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter transits into Scorpio October 12th.

Jupiter goes into Sagittarius November 5. Saturn Retrograde: April 30, 26 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn Direct: September 19, 19 degrees Sagittarius. Uranus is Retrograde: August 12, 12 degrees Aries. Uranus is Direct: January 11, , 8 degrees Aries. Neptune Retrograde: June 21, 24 degrees Aquarius. Neptune Direct: November 27, 21 degrees Aquarius. Pluto Retrograde: April 25, 29 degrees Sagittarius. Pluto Direct: October 3, 26 degrees Sagittarius. Retrogrades, February 17th Retrograde: 18 degrees Aquarius. March 9th Direct: 4 degrees Aquarius. June 18th Retrograde: 20 degrees Gemini.

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Not sure what a word means? Look it up in our Astrology Dictionary! Owls have always symbolized cool, detached wisdom. Sitting in a tree, surveying the world, the owl seems to know something it's not telling. They don't miss much!

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This Sabian Symbol depicts the image of detached wisdom that comes from observation The symbol suggests that this New Moon's energy may best be spent by watching and waiting before you leap into action. Are you sure you're aware of everything that is significant and important about the situation? Perhaps there is more that is noteworthy, which could make all the difference in the outcome. Since our owl is up in a tree, it may suggest the archetypal Tree of Life. In other words, instead of just reacting to the immediate environment "on the ground," it can help to perch yourself on a higher branch of Life's Tree.

Whichever way you understand what you're seeing, if you back up a bit your increased perspective can give a greater context that will reveal a more significant meaning. Try understanding things from a broader viewpoint. How might it look through the eyes of someone you disagree with? What is the highest truth you can see from the next branch up the Tree? Life is not only merriment, It is desire and determination. The New Moon in Sagittarius throws a party for planetary ruler Jupiter just before he leaves Sagittarius to begin his new job in Capricorn.

All that Sagittarian Fire energy has everyone dancing around a proverbial bonfire on the beach! But when the King of the Gods goes into Capricorn on Dec. So we need to give him a super send-off while he's still in Sag. Adding to the Watery presence is Neptune which is Stationary and will be officially Direct less than 24 hours after the New Moon. This is flooding the chart with creative, imaginative, wistful, longing and fuzz-brained overtones.

16/17 July Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and How it impacts YOU: Komilla Sutton

There's also plenty of grounding with 4 planets in Earth signs, which helps to ensure the bonfire doesn't jump outside the firepit and burn down the whole area. Venus, Saturn and Pluto are in controlled Capricorn, and Uranus although a reckless rebel at the best of times is in stabilizing Taurus.

Venus enters Aquarius

What we don't have is any of the standard planets in Air signs. Mars was the singleton in Air from Oct. Mars has now moved into Scorpio, leaving Air signs vacant until Dec. As a result, you'll need to find alternative ways to tap into and express your thoughts, words, ideas and perceptions. For example, while Mercury is in Watery Scorpio until Dec.

Neil Spencer - Writer and Astrologer

Or, with the Sun in Fiery Sagittarius until Dec. Or, with Venus in Earthy Capricorn until Dec. He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration. Speaking of Venus , she is scouting out the workplace ahead of Jupiter. Although they are no longer in the same sign, Venus and Jupiter are still just over 2 degrees apart—well within orb of conjunction which was exact on Nov.

As a result, Venus can soothe Jupiter and smooth his transition into—what is for him—a somewhat daunting sign. Jupiter in Capricorn is in its Fall — the sign opposite its Exaltation. For Jupiter—and for our sense of hope, faith and anticipation—it may feel a bit like a "fall from grace. This suggests the transition from the Sagittarius quest for meaning and truth into the Capricorn mandate for structure, order and maturity might be a somewhat bumpy ride. Chiron in Aries is a reminder that in a cooperative society we can't always do whatever we want, since circumstances and consequences may make it difficult or impossible.

Again, this could accentuate any feeling of disappointment or setback you might experience. Being Chiron, this might be expressed through health issues, so this is a good time to take care of yourself.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

It might help to blow off some of that stress through physical activity—just enough to keep from seizing up, not so much that you make matters worse. You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Thankfully, there's also some impressive potential waiting for Jupiter in Capricorn, if we know how to frame this energy in a positive way.

Therefore, this send-off celebration at the Sagittarius New Moon can stoke Jupiter's—and our—courage, self-confidence, optimism and sense of positive vision. Take a vivid mental snapshot of what this looks like, because it will be invaluable to help get you through the coming year while lofty Jupiter is wading through the Capricorn trenches.

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